THE MYSTERIES OF LIFE: Rosary of the new Genesis

There are many lives, but they all are interconnected. Life is torrential and takes many different forms. But when the One who was Life became human came to us through the awesome cycle of life. Although there are always jumps in the life process surprising emergencies. Not only in the passage from the lower forms of life to the higher ones, but also in human life. Generations follow one another, but at a certain moment someone “absolutely unexpected” arrives: thus Mary, whom we call “the Immaculate Conception”. Thus Jesus, the Son of God, made man. That blessed and miraculous interruption that brings out “the unexpected,” “the new” is what we are going to meditate on these mysteries: The mysteries of Life. Matthew describes it with a single word, repeated twice: “genesis” (Mt 1:1,11). The “genesis of Jesus Christ was like this…”. Let us contemplate the mysteries of Life.

First mystery: The mother is born … dawn breaks!


In a humanity in which millions of human beings are born, the birth of one more child is not news. In each birth something new arises and sometimes … Someone absolutely new.

God wanted that there in Galilee (perhaps in Nazareth?) or in Judea 2025 years ago (who knows?) a beautiful girl was born. The future illuminated her present. The Grace that would come, flooded her with his Glory.

The mother was born. Dawn broke. The Son of God began to exist in her.

Hail Mary


Anna! Joaquim! graceful couple! You are the most human source of the most divine: Immaculate Grace springs from your bodies: your love produces perfect fruit.

And God begins to realize his dream in the dream of your love.

Abba, secretly, you consecrate the womb and love. Thank you!

Second mystery: Joseph’s wife


And she married Joseph from the house of David. She dazzles in her humility. Joseph is “her husband.” Perhaps their families made the spousal covenant. The two youths voluntarily submitted to their parents will.

Little by little they discovered and loved each other. They promised themselves before God.

But God acted by interrupting immediate projects. Mary became pregnant by God’s work. Joseph entered a terrible night.

Mary felt connected to the Mystery and isolated from this world. God wanted Joseph to be able to accept the incomprehensible. Love won. And she entered his house, although he did not know her. So mysterious was it!

Hail Mary


Joseph, how surprised were you to learn that she was for you and you for her! You would discover in her face a special glow. Everything in you would light up to share with her your life, your dreams as a young man, your energy.
That treasure was not easy prey.
And you suffered a very dark night. Suddenly everything fell apart.

The Word approached you and enlightened you. Fair man, you believed and God gave you a hundred for one: she and him.

Abba, in the couple of Nazareth, you put your image and likeness. Mary and Joseph, your sacrament for Jesus! Mary and Joseph, both of you, your sacrament for us!

Third mystery: Rumor of angels


She was alone. She was awakened by mystery. She was transfigured. She saw herself in God, loved by God, contemplated by the beautiful eyes of God.

Her body could realize the supreme dream of humanity and nature: to beget the Life of life!
She could be a mother like no one has been and never will be.
She had to decide.
Her yes was transcendental for the future.
She wanted to ask before, to act lucidly.
With admirable decision she believed, she took a risk.

And she said: let it be done to me according to your word!

Hail Mary


Thank you, Mary, for your affirmative answer. We were too used to saying no to our God. He, so respectful of our freedom, could not accomplish his dream. You made it possible with your positive freedom. Blessed ‘let it be done’! And you allowed your body to be inhabited, besieged by the Holy Trinity. All of the heaven placed his dwelling in you, to make possible the most beautiful thing imaginable: to make the Son of God be born on earth! The Holy Spirit ignited you, enlightened you, consecrated you. And so, what was born of you was Holy, the Holy Son of God.

The whiteness of God clothed you. You demonstrate that nothing is impossible for God. You testify that the word of God does not cease to be fulfilled when a heart is opened to it. Thanks, Mary!

Fourth mystery: The friend


Who will be able to understand the mystery of Mary?
The angel guides her towards her relative Elizabeth.
She has also experienced the marvellous action of God in her life.
Mary, already wrapped in the glory of God, leaves her people, her family, even Joseph.
As an evangelizer, who wastes no time, she rushes to Zacharias’ house and greets no one along the way.
The Spirit seizes Elizabeth and makes her his interpreter: “In your womb, Mary, there is the blessing!”

Mary publicly acknowledges the mystery that penetrates her. Everything in her becomes a song of praise.

Hail Mary


Elizabeth, woman of God, how much light did you receive after so long night! They called you “sterile” and even doubted that God would put his complacencies in you and your husband.
But when the time came, already at dusk of your life, you knew how to rise to the occasion. You surpassed your husband Zacharias!
As soon as that human angel who was Mary arrived at your house, you opened the doors of your house and your heart.
The Holy Spirit made you the first prophetess of the New Testament, interpreter of the incarnation of the Word.
You initiated the Marian devotion.
And for Mary, you were a friend, sister, confidant, spiritual teacher.
God also blessed you and gave you a son, prophet of the Most High. Blessed are you, too!

Fifth mystery: Life flourishes


The Spirit is making the new creation in the body of Mary. Not in seven days, but in nine months.

Grace appears. Joseph is the privileged witness.
Mary opens her body and delivers a child God. All heaven moves to the portal of Bethlehem.
There is a shudder, tears of emotion on earth as it is in heaven.
The Spirit takes care of all the details.
Human beings are still clueless, entertained in other things.
Shepherds open themselves to revelation and mobilize.
Mary and Joseph—tradition says that also an ox and a mule—welcome the gift of God and offer their hearts as a dwelling.

Hail Mary


Jesus, little Jesus, you are a marvel. Never the small concentrated so much greatness, the simple so much complexity, the human so much holiness.
Jesus, little Word of God, your language is elemental, vital. You communicate your mystery to us in the most seductive way.
Mary listens to you enraptured. And she obeys you.
Joseph is attentive to the minimum of your wishes to fulfil them.
They are the Couple of the Fiat, of the ‘let it be done,’ who accept you, our life.

Jesus, the Enlightened by the Spirit gave birth to you, to You who are the light of the world, the light shines in the darkness. Those who welcome it become luminous, children of the Abba. Thank you, our brother!

To contemplate:
RUTTER’s Magnificat

(Translation from Spanish to English: Fr. Alberto Rossa, cmf)

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