Marriage and virginity in medieval Church

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  1. Group I dijo:

    1. In the OT procreation was an act of pity for the formation of the people of God.
    2. In our Christian perspective matrimony is the symbol of union with God. Our parents lived with presence of the Lord in their Matrimonial relationships.
    3. Clement of Alexandria: – According to him, in (God’s) ineffable essence He is father, in His compassion to us He became Mother. He spoke about perfect union of body and soul in mutual love and equality. Moderation and continence make matrimony beautiful.
    4. For Origen matrimony is the covenant of God with His people. Love is the fundamental reality of matrimony.
    5. Basil of Caesarea: – Christ love for the church is the model of matrimony.
    6. John Chrysostom: – Married people should practice poverty and monastic asceticism.
    7. In OT: the covenant means spousal love of God with people.
    8. In NT: the covenant means the spousal love of Christ with the Church.

    9. Gregory of Nyssa: – He motivated young people to the life of virginity.
    10. Virginity as a bridge between God and people. Virginity was created by God as a replica of his own Virginity.
    11. For us Mother Mary is the symbol of initiation to virginity.
    12. Virginity is to contemplate on God’s love. Contemplation leads to prophecy.
    13. John Chrysostom: Virginity is the way to return to paradise, but it demands a lot of sacrifice and personal piety. Virginity is a way to show our commitment to Jesus. Our personal sacrifices should bring glory to Jesus.
    14. St. Augustine: Humility and virginity will go together. Humility is the best protection to Virginity. Virgins are the ones ready with the lamps for the spouse.


    1. How can we transmit the values of Celibacy to the world?
    2. What difference are we making in our celibate life when we compare ourselves with the world?
    3. Is our celibacy a partial surrender to God or complete surrender of our body and soul?

  2. THREE STARS dijo:


    1. Does not a divorce granted by courts of justice break the bond of marriage?
    2. What evils follow divorce so commonly claimed by those outside the true church and granted by civil authority?
    3. Has not the church sometimes allowed Catholics once married to separate and marry again?


    1. Virginal love (virginity – celibacy) is not: ‘’love God with undivided heart’’; but it is to love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your might. Because all married person can love God with all their heart as (Mother Mary loved God her son Jesus, her husband Joseph).
    2. Virginity is not super to matrimony.

  3. Brothers of Christ dijo:

    Reflective Questions
    1. How can we revolutionize the early fathers of the Church on Matrimony in today’s context?
    2. If Ordained Ministry is revolutionized what would be the new form of ministry in the Church? Will the matrimony and virginity can lead Religious priest to meet the obligation of the Church? Is there any updated news from the Amazonia?
    3. How can we understand the essence of consecrated life if we, don’t understand the value of married life (matrimony)? If the second marriage is prohibited in the Church, then how can we progress the procreation of creation, by appreciating matrimony through union with God in Church?
    • Most of the Fathers of the Church says that “Matrimony is the shadow of virginity.
    • When is a person joins in the Church the desire for the celibacy emerges. Virginity and humility go together.
    • Mutual love is the perfect quality of both the union of body and soul.
    • Matrimony is the sacrament of virginal love.
    • Matrimony/Virginity are the lifelong commitment.

  4. Group I dijo:

    Date: – 13/02/2020

    1. Mutual love in matrimony is the best way to love God.
    2. Matrimony is to take part in God’s creation by procreation.
    3. It is God who animates and unites spouses in matrimony to sanctify and love each other.


    1. What is our mentality and approach as religious to homosexuals?
    2. What do we do with the lesbian and homosexual religious, what is the response of the church?

  5. Brothers of Christ dijo:

    13. 02 2020
    Matrimony is the Divine Revelation and it is a Natural reality.
    Matrimony without love is invalid. Matrimony is based on mutual love and fidelity up to death.
    what is the root cause for the divorce in the today’s context?

  6. THREE STARS dijo:

    13 February 2020


     Matrimony is based on mutual love; mutual love leads to love God, as the mystical marriage of the soul with God and Christ with the Church
     Christian communities capable of generous commitment, incarnate in the Amazon region and giving the church new faces with Amazonian features.
     Matrimony was an instrument of salvation, not a remedy to sin.
     Matrimony is for procreation and as a remedy to concupiscence. Sexual union has sacramental value.
     Matrimony is a way to participate in the love of God in Christ.

  7. Brothers of Christ dijo:

    The Mission of God’s creation is ongoing and the Holy Spirit is the main prognostics, therefore Holy Spirit is the source of all ministries in the Church.
    Through the mission of the Church, we share the mission of God, there are missionaries because there is a mission in the Church.
    Church is Multiverse and Local, Each Church is depends on each other therefore the Church is co-relational.
    Local Church, Universal Church and Mother Church are ever inter-relational through the work of the Holy Spirit in the Church.

  8. Group I dijo:

    Date 14/02/2020

    1. Holy Spirit is the main protagonist in ordained ministry and formation.
    2. Holy Spirit takes up the ordained ministry more than the human expectation
    3. A new theological reflection will enhance the ordained ministry.

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