MARRIAGE AND CELIBACY – VIRGINITY: The new Testament – The Fathers of the Church

  • Each group selects 5 sentences in which is expressed the main ideas of this topic
  • Each group selects 1 author and his idea on Marriage of Virginity, of the New Testament or of the Fathers of the Church

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  1. Brothers of Christ dijo:

    Brothers of Christ.
    Matrimony and Celibacy.
    • Matrimony is the Symbol icon of Christ union with Church.
    • In the plan of God and in the plan of salvation every stages of life is equal and the mutual love of God is the same.
    • Family is the Image of God so No family, no Church.
    • Virginity/Matrimony are not inferior or superior to each other therefore Marriage and celibacy are different gifts to the Church.
    • Marriage is the new Covenant shield in the Blood of Christ.
    Fathers of the Church
    St. Augustine 354-430
    • Matrimony for procreation before the Fall.
    There are some good things Augustine highlighted in the Matrimony.
     Procreation
     Fidelity
     Sacrament, symbolism.
     Certain conscience of the weak.

  2. THREE STARS dijo:

    Matrimony as symbol of God’s pernement, unbreakable covenent with his people. God is the Spouse of his people.
    Matrimony is the symbol – icon of Christ’s union to his church. Jesus is the spouse of the church, his people.
    Matrimony is a gift and a great mystery which shows the relationship of Christ with the church, is sealed with the blood of Christ.
    The hierarchy of the Church, actually begins from the family, and not from Pope. It shows the importance of the family as domestic church.
    Jesus says; ‘no divorce’ as husband is liberator of his wife, so, is Jesus of his church, giving his life for her.

    CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA — Rejection of matrimony is agaists the Creater and Creation, thus sex is a positive good if proformed within the marriage for the purpose of procreation.

  3. Anónimo dijo:

    Tertulian says:
    1. Sin was the origin of death, after sin God gave them the gift of matrimony.
    2. But Christ blessed and sanctified (Cana), it’s a source of happiness and freedom, both are equal, constant growth in unity in Christ.
    Origen say:
    1. Matrimony is the union of hearts hormony, wanted by God.
    2. It’s a holy when imitates the mutual Love of Jesus and the Church (a Christian)
    ( Sr. Cicely) / Three

  4. Group I dijo:

    1). Celibacy is marriage or union with the community.
    2). Great mystery of matrimony is symbolic icon of Christ union to his church, marriage is the relation between Christ and his community. Jesus loves the church and gives his life for her.
    3). Virginity/celibacy accelerates coming back to the original state. matrimony and celibacy have no difference.
    4). Clement of Alexandria says rejection of Matrimony is a blasphemy against creator and creation, matrimony is unity of body and soul.
    5). Matrimony imitates the mutual love of Jesus and the church. And it is the union of hearts and harmony wanted by God.

    Gregory of Nyssa
    1). Gregory of Nyssa says; -Virginity is superior to Matrimony.
    2). Virginity is precious, virginity will be to show that virtue is above praise, and to show our admiration of it by our lives rather than by our words.

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