What are for your group the 9 main ideas of our reflection of today on communion and individuality?

What do you underline from the song “One body, one Spirit”?

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    Group – IV
    1. We need to realize and develop our own-personal charism within the charism of the congregation to meet the needs of the local Church.
    2. From the mystery of the person we should understand in new way the covenant of God with each one of the Christ’s fidelity.
    3. Creation is an ongoing and unending reality governed by the Holy Spirit.
    4. Holy Spirit is a dynamic divinity – always creating, fostering rearing and guiding it.
    5. Charism is a gift that comes from Holy Spirit to serve, to build up and to renew the body of Christ in the Church.
    6. Vat. II teaches that to understand the church as community of convoked people where every form of Christ’s life is mutually developed and vivified.
    7. Love bears all things, believes in all things, hopes in all things and endures everything.
    8. We are called first and foremost to be the Apostles and Missionaries.
    9. If the various ministries of the church do not accept and appreciate the various gifts of Holy spirit (the charisms), it can fail to serve God holistically.
    10. Ministry is leadership of disciples through teaching, preaching, leading worships, pastoral care, prophesy with social outreach, administering the organization for the sake of the establishment of kingdom of God.
    11. As a religious person we can honestly, keep faith in promoting and maintaining a secular state and accepting its legitimacy.


    One purpose, one mission, one vision of the spotless bride restored.
    Road will not be easy. It leads to rugged roads.
    our life as religious must be the music of symphony and not as cacophony.

  2. SEVEN STARS dijo:


    GROUP – 2

     Holy Spirit is the restless divinity; it is the real founder of the consecrated life.
     Holy Spirit is the outpouring of the various charism bringing newness. To each is given the manifestation of the spirit for the common good.
     The purpose of the spiritual gifts is to edify, encourage, and comfort the church. We believe that there are as many gifts as there are needs in the body of Christ.
     God is love, the source of our lives.
     The love of Christ is the main charism of all the believers of Christ.
     Faith, hope and love and the greatest of all this is love.
     Individuality is important not individualism.
     Each person is a unique mystery of freedom and originality, therefore need to respect and accept as they are.
     Though the road is not easy, as there are many differences in the body yet we are called to unite as one body, one spirit, as the Trinity is one.

    From the song “One body, one Spirit”

    One body and one spirit, just as we were called in one hope of our calling: one lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all. Those things are one, no matter what you or I do. They are fixed realities. Our task is to walk worthily of them.

  3. Mary Latha dijo:

    Chrism is a spiritual gift granted by god for the benefit of other
    The unity of the three persons as one god in communion that we find the god acting to reveal god and embrace humanity for a life of participation
    The kingdom Jesus preached was mysterious but full of the presence of father son, and spirit to transform.
    The fundamental element of distinction the way of living the sexuality
    Covenant of god with us as unique and free people
    Each person is a unique mystery of freedom and originality
    God is love, the source of our lives.
    The love of Christ is the main chrism of all the believers of Christ.
    We are called first and foremost to be love and service.

  4. seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit dijo:

    Group 3
    Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
     Verities of Charisms, but the same Spirit, various of service but the same Lord, verities of activities but the same God. There lies all of our Charisms and missions.
     Each person is a unique Mystery of freedom and originality.
     each one of us is given the manifestation of the spirit for the common good through the spirit of wisdom of knowledge according to the same spirit.
     Charisms of all charisms is love.
     The call of sanctity is universal that has t be lived out according to specific charism.
     The unique individuality of the person is to be united with the charism of the congregation.
     Each believer is endowed with the dignity of sons and daughter of God.
     All the forms of Christian life are gift from God to the Church to be lived as a married/Celibate, religious/ secular, ordained.
     The people of God has a dynamic and common identity to be Christifideles.
     All are called to be creative to enter into new vision.
     Inspite of our differences, unity in diversity in the Church lead us to the cross of Christ, in one body, one spirit, one hope, one purpose, one mission and one vision of a spotless bride of Christ.

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