What are for your group the main ideas of today’s classes?

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  1. SEVEN STARS dijo:


    GROUP – 2

    • People have the universal vocation to be holy, Holiness means perfect love.
    • Creation is based on relation; Love defines all kinds of relationship.
    • In isolation, there is no grace, therefore, don’t be disconnected from the world.
    • All forms of Christian lives need to interconnect.
    • Each individual has to be in communion with one other, without communion the member has no life.
    • Purpose of each sacrament is consecration; the central moment of the Eucharist is consecration. Jesus incorporates us into his body.
    • During the sacramental of reconciliation, we recover our broken relationship with God and one another.
    • The church is the mystical body of Christ.
    • Ordained ministry is the permanent guarantee of the sacramental presence of Christ the redeemer.
    • A holistic vision of consecration; ongoing consecration calls us to be always connected with the Holy Spirit.

  2. Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit dijo:

    3rd GROUP
    Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
     Universal call to Holiness means perfection of Love, is possible for all.
     Consecration is a movement we find the presence of the Holy Spirit in each stages of life.
     The Kingdom of God re- establishes communion between body and spirit, humility and nature.
     We cannot form part of the body of Christ without being in deep communion with Him and with the Others, therefore without communion there is no life.
     Each family is a domestic Church.
     The Church is a community of inter- relationship and communion of different vocations.
     At the very beginning there was relation and in relation lies the power which creates the world through us ,with us and form us.
     Ego system makes the people isolated, Eco-system makes relationship with one another. Sin disconnect one from God and all other beings on earth and nature.
     All consecrate persons are called and sent forth for the radical mission.
     After the Holy communion, I am incorporated to Jesus Christ, now I belong to the whole Church the body of Christ, He/ she , the poor/rich, Married or Celibates, Sinners/ Righteous, all are members of the same Church’s body.
     All the sacraments are consecration and gives us grace and anointing.

  3. Little Hearts of Christ dijo:

    Little Hearts of Christ

    Christifideles In only one Body:
    • The kingdom of God re-established communion between body, spirit, humanity, and nature.
    • Without communion, the members have no life and we are the body of Jesus in communion, hence we need to have a deeper communion with Christ.
    • The relationship is only possible when we possess everything in the communion of Christ. Love is the bridge for the communion of all relationships. Their fore isolation has no grace.
    • Love is the main commandment of God which connects people.
    • Love of God restores the broken relationship and inter-connects (eg. solar system).
    • Everyone is called, chosen, consecrated, and sent to do the mission of God as a consecrated person.
    • Holiness is the perfection of love (relationship through us, with us, from us, you and me and none of them is left isolated).
    • The church is the mysterious body of Christ, in Christ we share common, brotherhood and sisterhood in participating all the sacraments.
    • If we disconnect, separate from the body of Christ there will not be life.
    • The ministerial priesthood the consecrated men and women the laity complement each other with various diversities.
    • The common reality is “all are Christifideles” to establish the kingdom on earth.


    Group- IV

    1. The creation is based on the relation among the holy Trinity.
    2. We are called to enter into the ecosystem and not the ego system.
    3. The kingdom of God establishes communion between body and the spirit; humanity and nature.
    4. Every baptised person, shares in the common-priesthood but the ministerial priesthood is exercised only by the ordained priests. Every Priest is a man of cult and a man of pastoral charity.
    5. Ordained ministers enjoy apostolic authority and divine ability to do the job that is entrusted by Christ himself.
    6. Our call is to form one body within Christian forms of life.
    7. Religious have to be the agents to bridge the broken relationship.
    8. We cannot form part of the body of Christ without being in deep communion with Jesus and other members.
    9. All are consecrated in the church by the very reception the holy sacraments.
    10. The unifying foundation of the church is that we are all Christ’s faithful and we are all called, consecrated and sent out.
    11. The church is the community of the inter relations and communion of different vocations.

  5. Mary Latha dijo:

    Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit as the Divine Presence in the world.
    Christianity is the faith tradition that focuses on the figure of Jesus Christ.
    Creation is based on relationship.
    Jesus is the messiah and was given the authority to forgive others.
    Holiness is the perfection of love.
    Eco-system makes relationship with one another.
    The church is the mystical body of Christ.
    Jesus Christ belongs to the essential character of Christianity.
    Christian is characterized as “Eternal life”.
    Christianity is not a system of ideas but a religion, a way of salvation.
    Human beings relation to that which they regard as holy.

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