Forms of Christian Life: Following – Living

  • What are the 8 main ideas of this morning session your group would like to underline?
  • What are the 3 proposals your group would like to present?

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    1. The suffering is part of redemption.
    2. We must allow the Holy Spirit to work in us so as to exercise the ministry of Christ.
    3. We are called to be the mebassers of the kingdom of God.
    4. Jesus is not the founder of the religion but the very foundation of it.
    5. Life around Jesus is the condition in which each one is called by Jesus himself.
    6. We must experience the freedom of joy through our apostolate.
    7. Richness of Catholicism is “tradition and faith,” we must commit ourselves to this faith-filled tradition to “know” Jesus and follow Him who gives new life.
    8. We have to relinquish selfishness and be available to all to become the true disciples.


    A. Aspire to live in authenticity and to learn the genuineness of the charism of the congregation.
    B. Religious should try to live the essence of the Gospels and the church.
    C. As religious, we should live affective and effective bond with Jesus in the congregation and in the mission.

    1. Whether Jesus is disciple or master? Can we call Jesus the first disciple? Since he served God and lived the discipleship?
    2. How can the kingdom of God be a new form of life?
    3. A liturgy professor once said: The Holy spirit does not come down whenever we call to inspire us or help us. If it comes, it comes to take full possession of us (Holy Spirit over shadowed Mary) and we no more ourselves but the holy Spirit controls us for a purpose. Therefore, is it right or wrong to ask for the help of the Holy Spirit.

  2. SEVEN STARS dijo:

    Group- 2

    Group Discussion
    • Creation was a time of consecration by God; He blessed the creation out of his real love and joy.
    • In the name of God, we are called to be stewards of creation.
    • God said be fruitful; which means we are called to be fruitful, authentic witnesse of Christ in our consecrated life.
    • The leading role of the Holy Spirit is to make the presence of Christ in this world.
    • Our life should be a preached homily. This means we should resemble the message of Christ.
    • The believer was penetrated by a mystical power the Holy Spirit.
    • The experience of the resurrection of Jesus implies a new conception of life.
    • We have to follow Christ in an ongoing process because our life is a process of identification with Jesus.


    • The church authorities should identify the human resources among the lives of women religious to make the modern church much more innovative.
    • The consecrated people have to be convinced of their call and live the life according to it; don’t see the consecrated life as economic mobility.
    • Encourage and challenge the Children in youth and attract them to Jesus to promote vocations.

  3. Little Hearts of Christ dijo:

    Little Hearts of Christ

    • We need to seek the help of the holy spirit in our prayers and life.
    • Live an authentic and witnessing life.
    • Be ready to place at the service of others in the peripheries.
    • Live as Jesus for the life of lifeless in our mission.
    • Form oneself as a follower (as a child, adult, every movement) of Christ who can resemble and be an example of Christ himself.
    • We have to live, breathe Jesus and experience freedom and joy in Him.
    • We need to have a strong experience of faith in God.
    • To follow Christ, we need to take the support of Mary in our life, (to Jesus through Mary).
    • We need to become a Jesus-brother & Jesus-sister to all whom we meet in our apostolate.
    • We need to build a loving relationship with the people that would become the sign of true disciple of Jesus.
    • Hence as consecrated we have to put on the armor (put on God) of God

    Three Proposals:

    • We the consecrated need to help the young to be with God by teaching them the basic Catechism than doctrines of the Church.
    • We need to open for inter-cultural, inter-religious and inter-state dialogues to avoid fanaticism and hatred among people of God.
    • Avoid uncharitable, unhealthy, false accusations, character assassinations to embrace the cross of Christ and spread the love of the cross.
    • Through our apostolate, we need to attract the young to follow Christ.

  4. Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit dijo:

    Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
    Jesus’ priesthood is according to the order of Melchizedek. Melchizedek had no beginning and end he offered sacrifice of bread and wine in Old Testament. In New Testament we see Jesus offering himself in the form of bread and wine as the memory as New Covenant.
    Jesus is foundation not the Founder.
    Through the Power of the Holy Spirit we need to be credible witnesses of Christ till the end of Time.
    We are called and chosen to follow and imitate Jesus in each stages of our Lives.
    The First Christian community was the community of Communion.
    As religious we are call to experience the resurrection of Jesus implying a new life in Sprit.
    Human being are not the master of creation but only care takers of God’s creation.
    Mary had experience with Holy Spirit on earth three times. On the day of Annunciation, second At the Foot of the Cross, third on the day of the Pentecost, so we need to be open to the Holy Spirit to have experiences in our Mission.
    We the Religious need to follow the Contemporary Jesus, not the Historical Jesus in today’s context.
    We are called to be like Mother of Jesus giving radical witnesses and faithful follower of Christ.
    According to signs of time we need to be creative and joyful in spreading the God’s Kingdom.

  5. Mary Latha dijo:


    Hide the word of God in our heart, to be in Jesus Christ
    Learn the secret of prayer, belonging to Christ
    We know that the Holy Spirit prays for us, new life in the spirit
    The visible church is Christ’s organization upon earth
    Be a witnessing Christian: by life and by word of God
    Let love be the ruling principle of our life: we have love one another
    Be an obedient Christian, learn how to meet temptation
    Our lives should command the gospel and make it attractive to others

    understanding that we are a new creation
    transforming and renewing our mind
    treating others with love, living out the teachings of Christ

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