Religious and Christian Foundation of the Forms of Christian Life (II)

Religious and Christian Foundation of the Forms of Christian Life

The work for the groups about the religious and Christian Foundation of the Forms of Christian Life

  • Eight main ideas or reflections
  • Two questions.

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  1. Little Hearts of Christ dijo:

    Group No.1
    Little Hearts of Christ
    Group Discussion
    1. Am I ready to bury the die heart habits or the tendencies that hinder me, to know the deeper meaning or newness of life?
    2. Am I ready to take enough steps to transform and discover the truth of life as consecrated persons?

     Every one has an ability, inner potentiality to become Buddha, thus never fearful of situations or circumstances of life. But one has enjoyed a state of freedom and becomes an embodiment of true life.
     Everyone can be like Another Christ or Buddha. Needs to become courageous compassionate and enjoy the wisdom of life in order to manifest the miracles by the way of teaching and transforming people.
     Perfection of wisdom is being different from the other in spreading (being and giving) the supernatural powers.
     “Anitcha” which means nothing is permanent by Buddha.
     The ultimate reality of Hinduism is to attain “Moksha” by renouncing oneself from clutches of power and positions of life.
     The four stages of life in Hindutva speaks about the obedience that one has to put into practice at his stage of life.
     In the beginning everything was chaos but creator created from nothingness to fullness.
     The creation is beautifully designed by God which is everlasting and on growing.
     Jesus is the New life and the Kingdom on Earth. The kingdom is the very essence of Christ Himself “I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE”.
     Whoever believes (Passion, Death and Resurrection) in Christ will have life eternal.
     The call of Christ simple, yet Mysterious, the five disciples and women were giving up everything in order to embrace new life in Christ.

  2. Seven Stars dijo:

    The Question:
    1. Do you have to be saved to be a disciple?
    Ans: Yes, but since evangelism is the starting point of making disciples, the discipleship journey starts long before one is saved.
    2. Who is responsible for making disciples?
    Ans: Every person who is a follower of Jesus-no matter how old, no matter how long they have been saved, no matter where they work. Every believer should be a disciple and every believer should make disciples.
    The points:
    1. The book named us lotus sutra teaches us about the ultimate truth of life.
    2. We are a call to possess positive qualities of Compassion, Wisdom and Courage.
    3. According to Buddhism anyone who is in, any position of life can attain transformation.
    4. The kingdom of God is among us How we receive it and How we spread it and it is up to us.
    5. Jesus is the arms of human suffering.
    6. We are called to encounter luminal Jesus in every moment of our mission here on earth.
    7. The life of Jesus is a model is a life-giving, is an inspiring story of all humankind.
    8. Our community life means to follow Jesus, to share his life and to give oneself for the betterment of others.
    9. Doing any simple things for the sake of Christ as a greater value.

  3. Full of Life dijo:

    Full of Life

     The following of Jesus is to share His life and to die with Him.
     Each one has the capacity to become another Christlike which can transform us and others.
     The Kingdom of God is among us.
     If we have faith, ‘Each Eucharist is an apparition of Jesus’.
     Resurrection is; The beginning of the end. “The Parussia”
     The Resurrection of Jesus is the resurrection of Life that to be Lived.
     The kingdom of God is a new form of transformed Life.
     We are called and chosen by God to give life and to the lifeless.
     The creation of God is a blessing of fertility.
     The Women were with Jesus all throughout His public life and paschal Mysteries.


     “Kingdom of God”, To which Kingdom Do we belong?
     As Religious Are we ready to Imitate Liminal Jesus?


    Spiritual Rockers
    1. Lotus sutra: From the perspective of this formula lotus sutra, we must be Alter Christus which means we must become another Christ by our way life and ministries.
    2. From the Hindu perspective of four stages of life, we see that the final stage of life leads to eternal bliss after sanyasa; so also, in the Christian sacraments viz, marriage, birth, life and death finally leads to reach Heaven and this concept parallels with the Hindu concept.
    3. As followers of Christ our approach to the society must be altruistic, following the path of Jesus.
    4. Mission of Jesus was a messenger of proclaiming the kingdom of God, through his death, resurrection and the Parousia.
    5. From resurrection to Parousia Jesus is the real disciple for a radical in the society to follow him and to share his life, and lay down the life as witnessing him.
    6. Each eucharistic celebration is the apparition of Jesus.
    7. Basing on the project of creator, we see that the goal of creator is to reflect himself in the creation but where as in Jesuanic perspective we see that the created (the creatures) return to God finding life in him.
    8. The mystery of the new life is found in the very ministry, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus.
    9. The religious vocation has to be the life style of liminal Jesus.

    Questions to reflect
    1.How can our religious vocation be a force to make radical change in the society?
    2.can we identify the four stages of life in Hinduism in the sacraments in Christianity?

  5. Mary Latha dijo:

    Life is movement and form
    Life is a mechanic theory
    Life is the supreme value, over good and evil
    Life is the key of all
    Life is Eco-evolution movement and its forms
    Life is stormy, turbulent
    Life is lies in the unity of organism
    Life needs a minimum of form and stability

    What do I want to do in my life?
    Am I on the right path in my life?

  6. Mary Latha dijo:

    The Kingdom of God is among us.
    Jesus is the arms of human suffering.
    The kingdom of God is a new form of Life.
    The mystery of a new life of Jesus.
    The community of the kingdom.
    community in mission and life style.
    Mission of Jesus was a messenger.
    The creation of God is a blessing of fertility.

    What is the mission of the kingdom of God?
    Why is mission important in Christianity?

  7. Anónimo dijo:

    Nice points. yet it needs a review of point #5. [ From resurrection to Parousia Jesus is the real disciple for a radical in the society to follow him and to share his life, and lay down the life as witnessing him.]. It is said, Jesus is the real disciple. My idea of Jesus is: Jesus is THE MASTER; so, we cannot say he is disciple in any sense.

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