Theology of the Forms of Christian Life – Reactions

The anthropological foundation of the different forms of life.

What are the ten most challenging ideas for your group?

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  1. What are the ten most challenging ideas?

  2. Seven Stars dijo:


    1. Human hard work is more important than worldly resources.
    2. Why do we do what we do?
    3. Formation without transformation is useless.
    4. We should live forms of life not the state of life.
    5. The soul is the first principle of a natural body, of an organised body.
    6. Life is a supreme value over good and evil.
    7. Life is an authentic reality.
    8. Our life needs a minimum of form and stability.
    9. Life lies in the unity of organism not in each one of their structures.
    10. Though I am poor but rich in heart.
    11. We have to bring a smile in the midst of tears.
    12. When you were born, you cried, while the world rejoices. Live your life in such a way that when you die, the world cries while you rejoice. —- Robin Sharma

  3. Full of Life dijo:

    3rd Group Full of Life
    By Sr. Cecily Joseph SCSA, Mary Latha SSHJ, Agatha CSJ, Nisha FMM, Oliva FMM, Bro. Dias FSF, Bro. Sumilan FSF.
     Life is moment and form.
     Life is to live active and alive.
     God is life, because the activity of mind is life.
     Life is the supreme value over Good and Evil.
     Life needs minimum form and stability.
     “I think therefore I am”
     When we live there are three moments of life. Circular, Horizontal, Vertical, then we are fully alive.
     Life lives in unity of Organism not in each one of its Structure.
     Life is a constant Ongoing Transformation.
     There is no life without soul.
     Life is an authentic reality.

  4. Little Hearts of Christ dijo:

    GROUP ¬- 1

    • We believe in making things differently asking or starting with a question of why. This will enable us to have a different outlook or vision to do things differently. Life is movement from birth to death.
    • Life is as movement and a form of a soul, the soul has a life in itself. Hence it is a principle of natural body and of an organised body.
    • Life has a moment of inner reality or transformation. Formation without transformation is not worthwhile.
    • Life is the key to all being on earth. It is an authentic reality.
    • Life is what we think, we become. If I think I would like I will be.
    • Every day in the system has to go through a constant change, so one needs to equip with the reality of life and accept as it moves.
    • Life is a unity of various organisms.
    • Human life is interconnected or inter-relational.
    • The three-movement of life
    I. The circular form of life in which the actions are repeated.
    II. Leaner form of life there is a growth of life, we look new invocation and live creatively seeing the future.
    III. Vertical transcending oneself from normal reality to divinity reality going beyond oneself to reach the destiny or goal.
    IV. The goal of life is to Live Love and Leave.


    GROUP: 4.

    1) Life is a movement and form.
    2) In life we can see movement of soul.
    3) We are inhabitants with the boundaries of life.
    4) Religious life is a luminally as a form of life.
    5) God is supreme person, a life-giving force, more than auto- motion than auto- possession.
    6) Life is purely mechanic, controls the changes within our body.
    7) Life is stormy turbulent constantly reshaped with new forms, from distortion to transformation.
    8) Life is a supreme value over good and evil.
    9) Life is a key of all.
    10) Central movement auto integration of centrality.
    11) It is circular movement, liminal, vertical movement.
    12) Aim of our life is to give smile to others.
    13) Our life gets fullness only when we light up a smile of joy on the face of other fellow beings…

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