“MATER MISERICORDIAE”: THE MYSTERIES OF MERCY (2 Sunday of Easter, April 18, 2020)

They are not conventional mysteries. On the second Sunday of Easter, at the will of Pope Saint John Paul, we celebrate the Feast of Divine Mercy. It can be stimulating to meditate with Mary on the mysteries of Mercy, summarized and concentrated in certain moments of her life. In this difficult and threatening time of a pandemic, Mercy pours out on the earth in many places and finds many people in complicity. The Spirit of Mercy promotes many creative, imaginative initiatives for the many people in need of spiritual and material help today: spiritual and bodily works of mercy! The memory and presence of the “Mater misericordiae” activate and stimulate us.

First Mystery: Prophetess and Spokesperson for Mercy


She was not presumptuous, nor was any credit attributed. But she was chosen to be the mother of Jesus. She felt herself “looked at” by the merciful eyes of God and inhabited in her body by the creative Spirit … And she said: Let it be done… behold the humble servant of the Lord.

Moved by a powerful restlessness, she left Nazareth and flew towards the house of the priest Zacharias. Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and with a great voice she canonized her: “The mother of my Lord,” “the believer!” The young Mary proclaimed in her Magnificat the flood of Mercy that was falling on the world: “His Mercy … from generation to generation” (Lc 1:50). Mary also proclaims her message of mercy to our generation, today, confined at home like Elizabeth and Zechariah.

Ave Maria


Proclaim, once again, your Magnificat on our humanity, young woman of Nazareth. Ask God to turn to us those merciful eyes with which you felt contemplated. Mary, intercede for us.

Second mystery: Mother of mercy


Jesus, you were the living reflection of the compassionate Abba, of the “God of all consolation” (2 Cor 1:3); you were the high priest, merciful and faithful before God, “who bore the sins of the people” (Heb 2:17). Wherever you passed, the flood of Mercy opened. How many tired and dejected people found in You “the tender mercy” (Mt 9:36)! The Canaanite woman pleaded with you: “Lord, son of David, have mercy on me” (Mt 15:22). Your healings, your exorcisms, your beatitudes, your parables … stories of Mercy! You not only felt compassion, you showed compassion. Mercy was your way of being.

And your mother Mary, your first follower and disciple accompanied you from your conception in her womb until your death on the Cross. And in that supreme moment, you gave it to us: There you have your mother, the mother of Mercy; while she humbly tells us: “Do whatever He tells you.”

Ave Maria


Mother of Mercy incarnate, that is is Jesus, Mary, discreet and faithful companion of your Son from the beginning to the end, you are the mother who reaches everyone without excluding anyone. Be present in our homes, in the most abandoned, in those who fight against disease and death, in the mortuaries of despair … have mercy on human misery! Return to us those your merciful eyes!

Third mystery: In the Revolution of Mercy


Mary of Nazareth, your son Jesus made Mercy his revolutionary challenge to the Roman Empire. Those of you who followed him—a Christian minority—puzzled the imperial observers. These had no arguments to explain the reason for your works of mercy. Also today, Mary, there are merciless systems that only seek profit, victory over the adversary and defeat, which kill, eliminate, mutilate, lie and misinform. Apparently being merciful is a strange practice today. You, from your sanctuaries, reveal to us the true face of God: you are merciful as our Abba from heaven is merciful. Mercy belongs to the Kingdom of God.

Ave Maria- Caccini


Mary, you sang the mercy of God in your Magnificat in revolutionary terms: “He has put down the mighty from the thrones, lifted up those who are downtrodden”, fill the wealthy with the hungry and dismiss the empty … remembering his Mercy. We are weak and fearful. It is not easy for us to be merciful in this brave way. We expect it from you. Intercede for us, weak human beings, so that Mercy surrounds us, even if it costs us our lives.

Fourth mystery: Mercy I want and not Sacrifices!


You were, Mary, the most outstanding disciple of Jesus in the field of mercy:

  • This is how you showed yourself, merciful, when everything that happened around your son Jesus, you pondered and echoed it in your heart.
  • This is how you showed yourself in Cana when you resorted to your last and main resource: to your Jesus and without fanfare you begged: They don’t have wine! And you said to the servants, “Do whatever He tells you.”
  • This is how you showed yourself when you heard your Son proclaim—not your motherhood—but “those who listen to the Word and put it into action” – you remained lessened, as one more disciple.
  • Thus, merciful, you showed yourself at the Cross … without saying words … but very close to your crucified Jesus and willing to take care of his beloved disciple as a true mother and counsellor.

Ave Maria


Mother of the good Council and Teacher of spiritual and corporal Mercy, welcome us in your home and school. Show us your strange ethics of mercy.

  • That we may not exclusive, but inclusive in our relationships with others.
  • That we know how to advise, teach, admonish, console, forgive, bear.
  • That we attend to the needs of those who need food, drink, accommodation, clothing, mourning, and that they may be visited and helped.

Fifth mystery: “The Spirit of Mercy will descend on You”


The angel Gabriel promised you in your Annunciation that the “Holy Spirit would come upon you.” And so it was … but not entirely. Jesus had an immense gift in store for you at the end of his life, from the Cross: you who were so close to him, were the first recipient of his gift: “And he gave up the Spirit”: at this moment, the Spirit of Jesus was poured out on you, the believer par excellence.

Your motherhood is “participation in the power of the Holy Spirit, the one who gives life” (as Saint John Paul II said in his homily at Fatima after his attack). The Spirit of Mercy has chosen you as his accomplice and his face. Therefore, He has chosen you to represent him and act on his behalf … in each image of yours, in each dedication. In your merciful eyes, the Spirit manifests. You are the icon of the Holy Spirit of Mercy.

Ave Maria


Mother Mary, you are the great sign that has appeared in heaven (Rev 12:1) and that we continue to contemplate in your mysterious and unexpected appearances: in your shrines, altars and images … in our mysterious encounters with you! Where you are, there is Mercy. Help us so that the Church becomes the house of Mercy for all peoples. Your Son promised us: “I make all things new” (Rev 21:5). With you, we confidently move towards this promise (EG, 288) … And meanwhile, committed with you in the revolution of Mercy.

(Translation into English: Fr. Alberto Rossa, cmf)

For a contemplative listening:
Misericordias Domini in aeternum cantabo (Mozart)
– I will sing the mercies of the Lord forever.

Mozart – Score: Misericordias Domini (Lords’ Mercies)

(Translation from Spanish to English: Fr. Alberto Rossa, cmf)

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  1. Jose Palakeel dijo:

    Very Good meditations.
    The Mozart Score on Mercy of the Lord is very contemplative.
    I liked most the third mystery. Today we need a revolutionary concept of Mercy, not just a pious one. Mercy is easily spoken and meditated in prayer context, but in life context, Jesus and Mary initiated a revolution of Mercy, which world needs today

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