Where did Mary live, after the death of Jesus? How did her last years go by? All this is part of the mysteries of human history. There is no news of her death or farewell. The evangelist Luke places her in the middle of the Christian community, in the heart of the nascent Church. There she is, with her own identity, among the apostles, among the disciples. The Spirit descends with momentum, like a wind, like tongues of fire. The Spirit and the Mother are also in the genesis of the Church. From that moment, Mary disappears, or perhaps she becomes totally transparent to the Church. So, the author of the Acts of the Apostles said that the Church had “one heart, one soul, everything in common.” Mary became Church … and forever. She is the Church in Utopia, the Church that—in all its perfection has not yet taken place—, the Church that is to come. It would not be wrong, therefore, in this Advent season of a new Pentecost to meditate on the Mysteries of Utopia. Mary is the “Door that gave way to our Light”

First mystery: Rumors of Resurrection


God’s silence is over. He finally expressed himself and acted! He did so without giving up his admirable discretion, not with spectacular gestures.

Rumours that Jesus had resurrected began to spread. Some women startled others. They felt, before others, Life and its “delicate touch”.

Jesus’ mother is at the house of the beloved disciple. The lamp of his faith continues to shine and her heart is rekindled. She kept Jesus in her heart.

Everything, everything was reborn again and forever.

Hail Mary


She looks elsewhere, but you Jesus—mysterious presence!—do not stop looking at her. You are reflected in your mother’s eyes, even if you seem invisible. And she knows that the Spirit – with whom she collaborated so much, is giving you a definitive, immeasurable life.

Second mystery: noise and wind of Pentecost


The rumors were followed by the noise and the hurricane wind. The Upper Room is seen to be an explosive place: wind, noise, fire, flares. Everything but stillness and calm. All the creative energy of God acted there.

Mary, included in the group, was used to such experiences. She knew what it was to have within the body and the heart the Spirit of God. She would enjoy seeing the Spirit pouring out on all flesh.

It was the last times. God’s promise was kept. Jesus returned, full of Spirit …

Hail Mary


Grace breaks and you Twelve shudder. The strong wind, the noise of the new creation, breaks your incredulity and your lack of initiative. People think you are drunk, that crazy enthusiasm has taken hold of you. But no, it is the Spirit. The women in your group already know the taste of the Spirit. Especially Mary. The one who is your mother in the Spirit. In it you discover Jesus, so similar to her. You know that you cannot remain locked up. The Spirit transforms your inner life, so that you go out. Cheer up! We will follow you

Third mystery: one heart


We don’t know anything about Mary after Pentecost. She believed, like Abraham, in the God who gives life to the dead and calls to be what is not (Rom 4:17). She is a witness of faith in the midst of brothers and sisters.

They met in the breaking of bread, they had one heart, one soul, everything in common.

Mary was part of the community’s possessions. To the community she gave her heart, her soul, all that she had.

When it is said that they had only one heart … there was the heart of the Mother of Jesus beating. When the Eucharist was celebrated, there was one who had given the Body.


At Cana, Mary, you anticipated your sleeplessness. There you wanted to create a community of love without ruptures, of joy without sadness, of communion without selfishness. So you said to Jesus, “They don’t have wine.” And to the servants: “Do whatever He tells you.” In the Christian community you remain attentive to all, to every detail. You intercede, pray, sustain. Your silent presence was essential. Mary of Cana, Mary of the first community, that we have one heart, one soul, everything in common. May we gather around the Bread that you amassed. We will listen to your Son! And you, anticipate our needs.

Fourth mystery: the day of goodbye


Although the chronicles tell us nothing, one day Mary left us. Her death was ecstasy, culmination, fulfillment.

Joseph and Jesus had died. She wanted the reunion and the discovery of the Abbá, who had so graced her, and of whom Jesus always spoke.

The Christian community took advantage of the moment to include it definitively in its Gospels, to recognize it and propose it as a mother of faith, a spiritual mother.

An immense Magnificat resounded in the Church. It is still heard today … at all the sunsets.

Hail Mary


The legends say that you, the Twelve Apostles, carried the holy body of Mary to the tree of Life. The legends say that you gathered from everywhere to say her goodbye. We have no doubt that this Woman was exceptional for you, a living memory of Jesus, the best proof of his Resurrection, and since then it has been present in your heart. You know that Jesus was not the only one resurrected, but the first. Afterwards her. Mary of the goodbye, come! Keep showing up! Without you, we are humanity without a mother! Come!

Fifth mystery: forever!


There is no grave for Mary. Only sanctuaries. Places where commemorative funerals are not held, only festivals of life.

She who left is more present than we could imagine. Millions of people come to her, experience her in their lives. They say that she appears, that she speaks, that she consoles.

She makes us close to God. She is your best missionary and ambassador. It not only returns, but it envelops us in the Glory that has consecrated it forever.

The Abba has given her the grace to accompany us, to her who knew how to accompany in this life. Yes, she too, like the Son, is with us every day. We are her Crown, her Twelve Stars.

Ave Maria


With you, heaven is closer. Mary, you make the Mystery familiar to us. With you, the liberation of our peoples approaches and celebrates. What’s wrong? Within you, heaven and earth become united. You are the transparency of all the tenderness of God, of the creative energy of the Spirit, of the eloquent wisdom of Jesus. What do you have, Mary? Together with you, faith will be faithful. With you love will be eternal. Together with you, we will take the final step, and you will show us Jesus, the blessed fruit of your womb.

(Translation: Fr. Alberto Rossa, cmf – Missionary in Hong Kong)

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